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Andy Roddick

The first time I saw this clip it wasn’t as a commercial…did it really happen? If so, then Wikipedia must be updated

What you’ve given up for the Bo-sox

With Garland departing the windy city and not having too much confidence in our pitching all around, we’re going to be hurtin’ next season. But maybe if the rest of our defense magically becomes awesome then we’ll stand a chance? Is Rowand that chance? I hope so


If this is real, then this guy is my hero.
[mad props to micah for the link]


front page of yesterday’s WSJ: Bill Wirtz sucks

your daily stupid

z recommends: Top 10 Stupid Soccer Goals

good vs. evil

Good vs. Evil Fusball

extreme climbing

Dan Osman free-climbs 400ft in 4.5 minutes. After that, you might not be surprised to hear he later died doing a stunt.

Well, at least they died doing what they love, right? right? anyone?


conan plays 1864 baseball

M air J

Air Jordan Top 10 Dunks

seu nome brasileiro


if you were a Brazilian footballer, what would your name be?

bassie’s is the coolest: “Kleimo”
dina’s is pretty good too: “Kleardo”

(note to dovid and dena: make sure to consult this page before deciding on a name for the baby!)

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