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Awesome! videos of DNA Coiling, Replication, Transcription and Translation. checkitout.

Rubens’ Tube

Rubens’ Tube: Real Life Sound Visualization with Fire and Propane




5 Best Data Visualization Projects of 2008

flow charts

xkcd: a guide to understanding flow charts

sorry guys

both my computers were dead for a while, so there haven’t been many posts lately. so here’s some fun stuff to help make up for it

these guys are crazy
personal visualization
David Foster Wallace: The Best Mind of His Generation
vdash: a wiki of formal mathematics
earth from above and the sun
nyc cheat sheets
paul krugman:ricardo’s difficult idea and how I work
making faces more beautiful
He Tehine te tangata puhuru huru
15 uses for small black holes
wedding ring ciphers
in defense of piracy
[warning, freaky:] lego anatomy cross-section

funniest pie chart ever

pie chart

more red states vs. blue states

The Pop vs. Soda Map (really should be the Pop vs. Coke map)

slate on infoviz art

Infoviz Art. wow. most of these have already been posted on yosefblog at one time or another, some go way back.

computers are smart

Jono showed me this nerdy link: Thinking Machine 4: Play the Game. Awesome!

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