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At work

At work – The Big Picture

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2008

Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2008. But there are still a few weeks left! That’s like when the pick the play of the game in the seventh inning. Annoying!

70′s rock stars with their parents

Look! 70′s Rock Musicians and Their Parent’s Homes

sorry guys

both my computers were dead for a while, so there haven’t been many posts lately. so here’s some fun stuff to help make up for it

these guys are crazy
personal visualization
David Foster Wallace: The Best Mind of His Generation
vdash: a wiki of formal mathematics
earth from above and the sun
nyc cheat sheets
paul krugman:ricardo’s difficult idea and how I work
making faces more beautiful
He Tehine te tangata puhuru huru
15 uses for small black holes
wedding ring ciphers
in defense of piracy
[warning, freaky:] lego anatomy cross-section

Hitchcock Classics

contemporary celebrities photographed in classic Hitchcock poses

Feb. 13, 1990

Feb. 13, 1990: Seeing the Earth as Others See Us


If you have a soul, you will be compelled to spend your days browsing fffound. It is the best site on this Internet.

bassie’s photography

i was looking through the pics bassie took this summer, and i found a few gems:

meta wonka

she’s so meta! and this one:


what interesting composition! and a new take on the still-life:


you can tell she’s working through a lot of ideas there. notice the tension she creates by leaving the interesting part of the shot every-so-slightly out of focus. and how about some abstractish light-painting:


great effect. and check out this new perspective on the common:


what a breath of fresh air!

all she needs now is a gallery.

If Fire Was Made Of Water…

…it would look like this, duh

amazing high speed milk

High-Speed Camera Captures Milk Droplet Splashing on Coffee

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