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watch Logorama, the short film made entirely of corporate logos. It won the Oscar for best animated short.

the knave abideth

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, i.e. the Big Lebowski translated into Shakespearean English, is the best thing the Internet has ever produced. (Thanks, Jono!)

WOO: Rise, and speak wisely, man–but hark; I see thy rug, as woven i’the Orient, A treasure from abroad. I like it not. I’ll stain it thus; ever thus to deadbeats.

[He stains the rug]

THE KNAVE: Sir, prithee nay!

BLANCHE: Now thou seest what happens, Lebowski, when the agreements of honourable business stand compromised. If thou wouldst treat money as water, flowing as the gentle rain from heaven, why, then thou knowest water begets water; it will be a watery grave your rug, drowned in the weeping brook. Pray remember, Lebowski.

THE KNAVE: Thou err’st; no man calls me Lebowski. Yet thou art man; neither spirit damned nor wandering shadow, thou art solid flesh, man of woman born. Hear rightly, man!–for thou hast got the wrong man. I am the Knave, man; Knave in nature as in name.

BLANCHE: Thy name is Lebowski.

star wars meets facebook

5 Star Wars Status Updates

Another Work of Art

I’ve made a new video of Paul. Enjoy. -Jazmin
Paulie gets a move on

the best film critics

Intelligent Life’s list of the best film critics. Good thing David Edelstein made the list, or I was going to have to boycott the Internet.

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Indy: Indiana Jones IV Trailer

is it better not to know?

Lost In Translation: Bill Murray’s WHISPER revealed

1.21 GW 88 mph

Flux Capacitor Replica

The Color of Top Grossing Movies

top grossing films by color palette

london 2012

its logo vs. saved by the bell

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