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Elephant Jokes

Paul can officially tell his first elephant joke. He laughs every time. Does he know why he’s laughing?… of course not… but if you think you know what makes a joke funny (or not), I suggest you read the psychologists and philosophers who have made serious goes at the question. You’ll laugh (or be silenced) by the ineptitude of these all-too-human attempts.

Take That, Graven Image!

6-Story Jesus Statue Gets Hit by Lightening and Burns. Of course, there will be no shortage of opinions as to what this means.

Video Game Wizard

This has to be the greatest video game wizard of all time.

liu bolin

this guy paints himself.

happy cinco de mayo


universal record database

words cannot express the greatness of human achievement

They’ve done it again

Ok Go’s new video (Old one here) may be tailored for this crowd, but as evidenced before (here and here), yosefbloggers are suckers for this stuff.


I’m still not sure if I want an iPad, but I am sure I want jalapeƱos on it (thx @eggsgoorvich)

stop the panther!

Jono recommends: sleep talkin’ man

The best flag in the world

with a flag like that, it’s a surprise the Benin Empire didn’t last forever

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