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The Timaeus

Great literature grows with you as you move through life, a generally appreciated phenomenon. You notice more, and hence enjoy more. For example, this jumped out at me as I was rereading the Timaeus:

“Revised by order of the Jowett Copyright Trustees, Oxford, 1953.”

This line protects a 19th century translation probably through 2048. I apologize, that last sentence is slightly wrong… it’s a revised 19th century translation. Revision ordered by copyright trustees. But our laws are to protect creative endeavor, right?

Ahh, the classics.

the more you know…

cost of coke (no, not that coke; yes, that coke) around the world

The Profit Calculator

New York Magazine: how business in NYC make their money

The 13-year-old CEO

Elementeo’s 13-year-old CEO, highlight of TiECON

Federer and Nadal go halfsies

Federer, Nadal meet on half-grass, half-clay court. Cute gimmick, but $1.63 million? really? Is it just because I’m in b-school that I think some cost cutting is in order?